Our Mission

Back in 2006 I started to plan  a website which would  be  a resource for the disabled community
This is  will be a place where ideas will be shared. Issues  will be debated in a respectful  manner.
Activities and  calm demonstrations could be organized for the  benefit of the disabled community
because if you  help the disabled without  hurting anybody else you help everyone

Our  organization is  committed to pro life  solutions for  life's  challenges.  Through good old fashioned
idea sharing, technology, and support for ethical medical research and treatment., we will promote better
living and greater understanding among people  Basically  our objective will be to  portray the disabled in
a realistic  light ,and try to answer  the question . How far  should a person with  a disability strive? They
should strive for their dream  What ever the dream whatever the obstetrical one must reach for their
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